My neighbors won't give me errands...

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    yeah...My neighbors in Animal Crossing Wild world aren't giving me errands. Why is that? I talk to them a lot and yet no errands.
    This question has probably been asked before, I tried using the search button but it came up with 47 pages with 13 posts on each page. And it would take forever to go through them all. So what should I do to get errands from my neighbors?
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    The only thing that you CAN do is talk to them to get errands. Just keep talking to them and eventually you'll get one.
  3. Strifer

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    Jan 1, 2007
    It seems to be pretty random. Just chat to them all a couple of times a day and you might get lucky. I've had 2 errands in as many days before, then gone as many weeks or longer without any.

    I've only ever had someone offer to visit my house once as well [​IMG]
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    I really recommend buying the guide book. I love Animal Crossing and I think anyone who owns a DS should at least give it a go , even if its not the kind of game that people would usually go for. Anyway, the book gives you a lot of info on what personality each character has etc (I haven't checked the website to see if it has this sort of info on but you could have a look if you haven't already:) ) Anyway, it may not fully answer the question you asked, and like other people have said, it is pretty random, but at least you may be able to see what characters are most likely to ask you , going by their personality (eg - Snooty, Cranky, Normal etc). When I played, Buck was one the characters that seemed to always ask me to do things. They may not fully ask you a direct question to get them something, but they do make comments, sometimes with a keyword highlighted in blue (eg - chic furniture for Buck) and if you give them the item(s) they want (by having them in your inventory and giving it to them), they are more likely to be friendly with you, and I guess this is kind of like running errands for them too.
    -Just make sure you send them lots of mail, you can also put items in the letters if you have your eye on something in thier room and you may be lucky and get it in one of their replies, (it may be a load of crap but I read somewhere that if you put the word "friend" in your letters alot, you are more likely to get gifts with your replies.)
    -Talk to your neighbours as much as possible, give them gifts and if they want you do have a bug catching/fishing competition with them, make sure you do it.
    -Plant alot of flowers and trees, and dig up your weeds and four leaf clovers. You probably already know this but you will eventually find a four leaf one, which you can wear in your hair for good luck. Also, if you plant flowers around your neighbours houses, they will eventually plant more around their house and water them on their own.
    Note that trees don't grow if they are planted too close to other trees.
    Its maybe pointless in putting this too but other people may find it useful! But if you shake each tree, there will be 12 bags of money (100bells I think in each one) every day, and also 2 or 3 items of furniture too. Also, when you have a spade, hit the rocks in your town once a day because one them will throw out money , and this can sometimes be a large amount.

    Anyway, I hope this helps you out, if not other fans of AC! I got a bit carried away once I started lol [​IMG]
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