My N3DS controls itself + sometimes Touchscreen gets numb at occasions (Charging?)

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  1. KoopaStarRpad

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    Apr 27, 2015
    Just as mentioned vaguely in the title, my N3DS behaves weirdly.
    And it happens noticeable more often when charging it.
    Whenever I use it, sometimes it boots up with no sound and a numb touch screen.
    But the real problem is, even after calibrating my control stick, the 3DS behaves as if I input the same direction periodically.
    What can I do against it? No, I didn't stick a dime under the control stick, IIRC, but I surely did that on my old 3DS back then (with a blacked out top screen...) and it didn't affect it really. (Just made breeding Pokémon easier...)

    It all started back when I used tubehax for the first time, for a New Leaf town.
    Now, not only that ugly scratch at the top screen, but the high self esteem of my N3DS are a big nuisance.