My media player is a piece of shit. Help.

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones and Media Players' started by Inunah, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    Okay, I've got his piece of shit Sylvania Digital Media Player. It's labeled with SMPK2062 or some bullshit. It's got the FCC, CE, and do not trash icons on the back.

    How do I fix these problems?

    1. The shuffle command shuffles through the current folder you're in. The manual said it'd shuffle ALL songs.
    2. I put over 100 songs on this thing the other day. It said it wasn't full. It synced all songs successfully. Now what does it do? It keeps only 45 of them, and most of them are cut off halfway. I go into memory info and it says just what it said on my computer: that there are so many songs that the damn thing is.... Wait, no, it's not 99% full. What the shit?
    3. This media player can't play wmvs, yet it lists one of my songs as a wmv. What the shit?
    4. It has an update firmware option and a connect to the internet option in the settings, but it's not wifi-compatible and you can't access the menu when it's hooked into a computer. EDIT: It's fixed, but now the programs that come with the MP3 player can't even find the fricken MP3 player to update the fucking program. Also, I have to fucking find the firmware updates on the internet myself. There are no firmware updates on the internet.
    5. It seems to generally hate me and sort all of my music alphabetically within each album's folder. Even if track numbers are listed. Half the time, even if it has an album listed, it could be in unknown folder or a folder with the artist's name.
    6. The time and date is wrong, but it never asked me to set it and I can't figure out a way to set it.
    7. Trying to search through all the albums to find a certain song freezes the thing.
    8. I just found something out by attempting to search through the albums. I've got a song in a folder, in an empty folder which was full of songs a while ago, in a folder.
    9. Even if the songs are by the same artist and are in the same album, the MP3 will still sort them in more than one folder, of which aren't usually even next to each other. EDIT: I've been trying to sort them correctly, so let's see if this does anything. EDIT 2: Editing the folders doesn't do shit.

    Yes. It's shit. But I can't afford to buy a new one.

    EDIT: I got angry so I reformatted it. But I still have most of the problems.
    EDIT 2: I've synced more songs to it, it seems fine, but it's been having a few more problems.