My M3 Perfect SD not saving properly... help!

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by hyperzero, Mar 24, 2008.

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    I got this thing around a year ago, and it's been working fine;one of the best investments I've made. However, about a month ago none of my saves were loading, and then when I went to play a game, it wouldn't save at all. As in, many games require creating a save file before the game even begins, so I have just been stuck with a "Unable to save file -- please restart system" kind of message on every game I try. I've tried switching SD cards; no luck on that either. It's the same with GBA games.

    I know Perfects are outdated, so not everyone will have an answer... though help would be such greatly appreciated!
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    Are you using the latest firmware?
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    What you need to do is go into your NDS Save folder (can't remember the exact name of the folder right now, something like ndssave or something) and start deleting save files. If you have more than 200 NDS save files in that folder, your M3 Perfect MiniSD will refuse to save new files.
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    mmhm, using the newest firmware and the newest version of the Game Manager.

    And it's not the NDS save thing; I reformatted my SD card and I still had no luck.
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    my understanding is that all saves are stored in the carts sram via the battery. on boot up (or manually) the sram is dumped to the .dat save file so a new game can make use of the sram. this problem you are having could be related to the cards battery, perhaps you need to buy a replacement. also you said the games create save files, but they do not. the game manager creates a .dat file so you can dump the sram save. if you are not flashing via the game manager than you can not properly save your sram dump. if you are then perhaps the problem is with your card's sram.

    you can always post on the m3 forum and ask for help:
    you can contact the m3 team (they do write back): or

    i am using the m3 lite perfect with the 35e firmware and the v35 of the game manager. perhaps they broke something with the updated manager? you could try a downgrade to see if that fixes your issue.