My Jouney with The PS3 and Compoent Video

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    Feb 26, 2018
    It all started with a fat model PS3. I being the fussy pants that I am was looking for component out on the PS3 and went and bought the cheapest cable I could find on ebay. What do you know lines all over the image. "Urgh" I said, "I guess I will have to get another cable, maybe one that costs a bit more this time". Now that wait for a component cable with better reviews from ebay. HDMI was outputting fine with the only time I had an issue was when I did not plug the HDMI cable snug into the PS3.

    Ok at last I get a better made cable, first thing in the morning I plug it in test it out and wow everything looks great. But as the day goes on the lines come back. "Not again". I say as I got look again on my computer this time finally coming to terms with buying an official PS3 component cable. But I got lucky instead and found someone locally selling the cable along with a slim PS3 for only 50CAD.

    So I now can try the real deal and guess what? It was better bit still there were lines. I then hooked up the slim PS3 and tried all 3 sets of cables I had and the official and well better made 3rd party looked fine. Man I was sure stumped, was there something wrong with my fat PS3? I then asked my friend if I could try some of my component cables on his fat PS3 and see if they have the same problems. So I go over he has his PS3 hooked up in his computer room into a powerbar with other things and we get to testing. Lines with all the cables. No good.

    After this I was running out of ideas. What could be wrong with the fat PS3s? Then it came to me. Could it be the power? In the room my PS3 is in they're three electrical outlets two are on the same breaker and the last its own. The first thing I did was switch the power cord my PS3 was using from its original cord to a thicker one for a computer PSU. Nothing really changed but didn't hurt. I then plugged the PS3 directly into the wall unplugging the powerbar with my computer, router, etc plugged into and no more lines. Huh I guess I figured it out. After moving some stuff around I then plugged the computer's powerbar into the other outlet that shared the breaker and what did you know the lines came back. The computer's unclean power was causing the lines on the PS3 all along.

    After all that I now have the PS3 on the outlet that has its own breaker and the lines have never come back. I have not got to test this with my friends PS3 but I think it would be the same issue too. But I hope this might help anyone who is or every had video issues with a fat PS3 and could never figure it out.

    tl;dr: if your fat PS3 is having lines in its picture over component it may be due to something on the same breaker in your house causing interference as the fat PS3 needs clean power.