My harddrive has a weird problem...

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    Feb 9, 2009
    Hey. I just bought a 160gb USB 2.5 External enclosure (I think its sata) HD. I did load it up in usb loader GX first (rev 719) and the loader did detect my HD.Now when I want to format it to WBFS, it shows that my HD Has 4 partitionned areas that has 10226.3gb , 120gb,122gb and 320.36gb. And my HD is only 160gb... Today I have been formatting and partionning the drive for a REALLY long time and still no go... I have tried formatting it using AlexDp's WBFS Manager 3.0 and it worked. Then I did set some games on the drive and when I went to put the drive in my wii and load it up with Usb Loader GX, it still detects the drive as if it wasn't formatted to WBFS... I have tried all the loaders I can think of and I am starting to go nuts from this... So if any of you know what is the problem please tell me. Thanks in advance.

    Please Help.