My hard drives show up as being "removable"

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    Apparently, under Windows 7 and many motherboards default the hard drives with the AHCI
    interface, which thus enables drive for hot-swapping, and so forth. This is a feature I never intend on ever using since I don't have any other HDDs to use. But upon further Google searching, the other cause is the drives not being up to day for the AHCI controller.

    Motherboard in use: MSI Z97-GD65
    Hot swap enabled in BIOS? No
    No. of HDDs: Two, both are each 1 TB in size

    The problem is the hard drives show up in the list of removable devices, despite hot swapping being disabled in the BIOS settings (I checked early this morning to be sure). This worries me because I don't even know what kind of drivers I need to install, what version, whether or not the drivers will force me to somehow reinstall Windows, etc. I want this to go as smoothly and painlessly as possible without everything going to crap. Apparently this is a fairly normal occurrence in Windows 7 and beyond, but I don't like it, and unplugging flash drives and USB hard drives makes me wary since I may somehow inadvertently unplug either SATA hard drives.

    Sure, I suppose I could change the interface type in BIOS from AHCI to IDE, etc, but that's been known to cause issues and may require me to reinstall the OS, I don't want to do to that. On the other hand, I've heard that the Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers need to be installed, but I've heard of horror stories with that as well, causing system instabilities. I guess what I'm trying to find out is, what drivers do I need for this MSI motherboard, will it prevent my HDDs from showing as being removable, and will it be done without breaking the OS? Granted, when my brother was here last, he install the chipset drivers, etc to get it up and running (using MSI Live Update), but I guess MSI didn't have drivers for the ATA/AHCI controller? Any advice is welcome, thank you for your time :P

    To make things more complicated, there is a driver from MSI for Intel Rapid Storage, but it insists I need Microsoft Framework 4.5, I have 4.7 installed, but the installation fails when I open it, telling me I have the "wrong" version. What gives?
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