My first time in the whole modding scene in years, what's changed?

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by daiuf, Mar 14, 2014.

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    Yo, so I bought a new DS today because I still have my way old original R4 DS, the proper one.

    1. I used to use YSMenu, but I'm assuming that's been replaced by the wood kernel? How much better is that then the old YSMenu?

    2. I've seen in the changelog for Wood R4 that it has patches for certain games, does that mean that for games like Pokemon HG & SS that I used to have to patch, Wood R4 handles all of that now? So I no longer need to manually patch my old games?

    3. What's the single best flashcard out there these days? I'm considering buying a DSi XL and the best flashcard out there just so when I'm older I'll always have a foolproof way to play my old DS games.

    4. Since I've gotten a tad smarter since I used to use this site, are there any guides, or videos that explain how the original R4 worked? Or how flashcards work?

    5. I cant really remember too much about how all this stuff works, can someone summarize what Moonshell is for me?

    6. the usrcheat.dat that GBAtemp used to host stopped being updated eons ago, is there a good complete cheat.dat that's still being updated?

    I'll keep looking around for a sticky thread that explains some of this stuff so if a few of these questions are already answered that I see I'll edit them out
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    1. I havn't tested YSMenu but Wood is very good since it has high game compatibility and many other features.
    2. You don't need to patch your games but it will probably require clean ROMs (without patches).
    3. The best one is the Supercard DSTWO but it's not the most stable one (shell-wise).
    4. Sure there are many guides, just Google your question.
    5. Moonshell is mainly a multimedia player.
    6. You can use the DS-Scene ROM Tool to download the latest cheat files. You can download the current one here but the link won't be updated.
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    It seems to update the user cheats on it's own if I select the CMP instead of GBATemp. It updates on it's own after that. Not sure how up to date it is though. :P