my favorite homebrew game.

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    May 9, 2008
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    My favorite homebrew game is Kobo Deluxe. It's a top-down 8-directional scrolling scrolling game where you're the ship and you shoot and destroy space stations--all while avoiding their fire, fly-by asteroids, and the occasional UFO. Sometimes the space stations shoot out tiny ships instead of some form of ammunition which then shoot out their own guns. This is a very polished game and is definitely arcade-worthy. The graphics are definitely on par with what you'd expect from an arcade game. And on the same "arcade" trend, if I were the kind of person that had an arcade to go to, I'd definitely pay to play this game there.

    But yeah, my favorite homebrew game is Kobo Deluxe. I suggest you try it out. If you've any suggestions, you should post them here.