My disc channel isn't wide screen compatible... I think

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    Oct 1, 2007
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    I noticed when I put a Gamecube disc in, the Gamecube image that shows up on the disc channel isn't fully stretched(before entering the channel itself). However my brothers Wii(on the same TV) displays the disc channel fully streched(same settings). Now just to test it out I switched my wii to 4:3 and the channel was fine.

    Is it just my wii? my wii is a bit older then his(by a few years) and I once installed cIOS but uninstalled it and I currently downgraded my mios to mios v4(official). My wii is also version 3.2U so could it be that my firmware is just older then his?(he uses the latest Mios and FW)

    I'm also sorry if this is in the wrong section. Its not really a bad thing but who knows if I did something wrong and if I did then what else was effected.