My burned Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is not working anymore...

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    Feb 21, 2016
    Hello friends, I'm new here and sorry if I am doing something wrong but there is something tha I can't solve and I did'nt find a section with my problem. I have a xbox 360 with lt 3.0, I burned MGS HD Collection in truncate mode and all was going fine, it worked! So I turn the console off and gone sleep, in the another day when I want to play it's not working anymore... now just Peace Walker(disc 2) is working the disc 1 (mgs2 and 3) not. Any tips??

    the problem is :"impossible to read the disc, please clean the disc"
    and is important to say that the picture of the game not load.
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    You've truncated the disc, it's already a bad burn.
    You'll need to get a liteon IHAS B or a drive compatible with the Burner max payload tool to burn the game correctly to your 360.

    This also decreases the chances to get banned and increases the chances of good burns.