My 3DS died in its sleep and I want to know if it's related to her hack.

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    Hi guys!

    I'm not sure if it's the right place to post this since I am essentially asking for 3DS tech support, but my 3DS is under AL9H and Luma so if I ask anywhere else I might be booed down as an evil pirate.

    My girl is a very cherished gift from my ex and was bought in September of this year in Switzerland.

    Anyway, the problem : I was playing my digital copy of SuMo (with the WiFi turned off), then closed the machine. An hour (more or less) after, I accidentally press quite hard on it with my buttock (normal corpulence), but no apparent damage. I get home, I open it, but it stays stuck on sleep mode (the blue light blinks softly). Queer behavior, I press the power button 10 seconds to turn it off then turn it on : solid blue light, but off screens and no sound - no boot I guess.

    Tried with or without the microSD (which works BTW), removing the battery, draining out the battery then power cycling, nothing. No recovery mode, no SysNand by booting with R.

    The screens lit up one time, when I booted while pressing start (I think it boots Hourglass9 or Luma preferences), to have a black bottom screen and a glitched top one. But now when I boot with Start or Select, the blue light turns on and off immediately (as if there was no microSD - I didn't do the boot-without-SD thing).

    Anyway, I am right now waiting to put my hands on a small screwdriver to open it up to see if there's something that can be done, but before that, I need to know the ifs and whats about the warranty, since it is hacked. Also the problem is that I am and for a long time in a third world country that probably isn't covered by the Nintendo Customer Service.

    TL;DR: My 3DS is hacked and doesn't boot, should I open it now or send it to Nintendo in six months?

    PS: Is there a way to get my save back from the micro SD?
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    Likely hardware damage, if you know how to repair it or trust someone to do it go ahead, Nintendo will have you pay most likely as the damage was caused by you.
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    Probably hardware fault since you sat on it. Nintendo will probably notice it is hacked and it won't cover under warranty so best be ready to pay.
    Your save is encrypted and needs to be decrypted by the 3DS you made the save on probs :/