Hacking My 2014 PS3 hacking guide/FAQ revised for 2020


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Dec 1, 2010
This is based of my original post which got 2 over 100000 view...

If you have any questions related to PS3 just send me a PM and I will try to help you. I really like this console I have spents countless hourson it you should too.

About PS3
Although the PS3 has been dubbed in it's early start as not game console, it is obvious that it has a place into any retro gamers collection as it has many very solid non and exclusive titles. In 2020 it still has access to PSN store so you cab still buy from the large collection available.You can still play online most online games for free also.

I have been out of the game for quite a while very busy with life and my PS3 got thrown out. So I went out and bought a PS4 and never looked back buying my games. its the same thing but better. Thank you SONY for the PS4 that I will enjoy for many many years!! If you don't have a PS4 go buy one it is really a steal it has a great list of freee games with a lot of replayability.

. So It made me want to come back and share more of what I know about PS3 as It can become very confusing in the internet. I also don't remember everything and there is new things to learn but it is pretty simple.

PS3 has an enormous library of quality titles. There are a lot of titles you can get for free in local libraries over here in Canada pop it in and copy. It is also the oldest console with HDMI and bluray playback. Used games are also dirt cheap,

Do I want a hacked PS3?

Duh!! PS3 are dirt cheap now and readily collecting dust everywhere. They have sold 86.9 million. What was hard to come by is some good ol good condition ps3 controllers but worry not because you can use DUALSHOCK 4 paired with any other controller or a usb keyboard.

Is my PS3 hackable?

Yes, YES! some with cfw and some with hen. Even if the Blueray drive is out!! Mostly easy
FAT=Hackable=install latest hfw/cfw= mostly unreliable but survived to now.
SLIM=Maybe Hackable= look for smaller hd models more chances. Reliable
SUPERSLIM=Hen Only=Reliable hen every reboot.

In sums what does a PS3 with CFW can do?

You can play/rip PS1/PS2/PS3/Blu-RAY/DVD with HDMI!!.

PS2 is much better now it is a reason to get a PS3 on its own. Du to the large PS2 Library.

Run Linux PowerPC builds. Not recommended because performances are slow.But still in 2020 they are working on it and it seems they have unlocked the 3d engine in Linux.

Run emulators/ homebrew. There is a lot better systems for homebrew/emulation since ps3 runs on PowerPC but we have seen a revival of the scene lately. RETROARCH was created for PS3 first it works well.

Not specifically for CFW but on latest FW you can transfer your PS VITA psp games from chovi sign so its a easy way to store them if you have limited space on vita.

Remote Play still works on vita and PC but its silly.

Netflix/Redbull TV/SPOTIFY... we are online boys.

Can I go Online with CFW?

Yes, yes an yes! Since we are on latest firmware with CFW and it gets updated fast if SONY releases a new one.

You can use the playstation store. download a demo and then unlock the full game with a little file unlocking (you can i can't ) The method is out there just not publicly released....

The main rule here I think is dont use homebrew online. Webman is fine its not technically a homebrew rather a mod for the xmb.
but you still can still use it online Here is how.

1.Spoof gameID. Use homebrew steatily. I will provide files later and the way to make them.

2.Enter a wrong DNS in Internet settings. Just change 1 number. If you want to be offline the internet but still use your home network and ftp.

Which CFW is best/safest?

Late CFW are usually tested before release so no worries here as long as you can follow instructions. It has become safe and noob proof.
Always update from XMB and not from recovery, that way a bad usb/update file will not go through.

It is recommended to check MD5 checksum on your flash drive before you install a .pup to make sure the file you are installing is not corrupted. Signature verification on CFW is disabled so you could (if you are unlucky) end up with a bad flash. but I don't . I like to live my life dangerously.

What CFW do you recommend?

I recommend Ferrox or Rebug's latest cobra cfw for the use of webman but we will use ps3exploit hfw to get there. Its is recommended you install it twice before doing exploit.

Where do I start?
have some read around these pages.
basically use a web exploit to patch a file. This exploit was originally for OFW 4.82 but they replicated it in HFW 4.85. It does not look as Its gonna be fixed soon.

Install HFW twice.

Install Exploit with website.

Install Ferrox CFW

Install webman and modman stealth.

Run modman stealth to copy your games either by FTP or USB. If you use FTP it is recommended you go wired because PS3 uses the old wireless G protocol.


It is recommended you also switch hard drive for bigger even a SSD in 2020 they are cheaper than they were and it will improve you loading speeds.
It is really easy to do so.

What now? Many things here. You can install games.Mod a bunch. Lot of tutorials out on this website...
I will update this thread as I find the files. Good evening!
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