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    Appears to be region free.

    Word is THQ are going all or nothing on DLC this time around. Whether this means simple hats or full on tracks remains to be seen. It follows on from the last MX vs ATV reflex game which may or may not be what you want (some of the earlier games had larger tracks and more arcade bent). Fans of off road fun should probably note DiRT 3 is due in a week or two and in case you missed it the PAL release of SBK 2011 hit a couple of days back with motoGP not long before that.

    Amazon sourced description
    MX Vs ATV Alive is a multiplayer motocross game for Next-Gen game consoles. Own the competition as you wrestle for position with tightly contested racing in the fifth iteration of the MX Vs ATV franchise. Feel the realism of the revolutionary real-world physics engine which has defined the racing genre. Live the sport as Alive captures the spectacle of motocross and the essence of competitive racing while providing the best riders and gear from the latest manufacturers. Features include: real riders and gear, extensive downloadable content, multiplayer support both locally and online, enhanced Rider Reflex, a new Bar Banging system and more.

    MX vs. ATV Alive is simply the best MX vs. ATV game yet developed. Building on the franchise's physics engine, MX vs. ATV Alive delivers an enhanced racing experience that is easier to play, yet as challenging as you choose to make it. The difference is the approach to features like modes and tracks. Along with classic modes that everyone loves, Alive allows gamers to more easily tailor the game to their specific play style and likes via downloadable content. Can't get enough of a certain mode? Get online and pull down more of that content. Instead of the game developers deciding how much of each mode that you play, the choice is yours. MX vs. ATV Alive also has a dedicated online store that is live from day one, containing everything from rider gear, tracks, modes, etc.

    Key Game Features

    Definitive Realism
    Experience total control of both rider and bike with easier controls as part of the enhanced Rider Reflex
    An advanced real-time deformation continuously changes the track beneath you with every lap
    Wreck-avoidance lets you correct collisions and landings to race like a pro
    Elbow-To-Elbow Action
    Go bar-to-bar with in-your-face motocross racing
    Rider-to-Rider collisions and win/loss conditions through a new bar banging system
    Awe-inspiring Sports Experience
    Real riders, real gear, and real licensor's to be announced
    A wide range of vehicles
    Event Types
    Compete in the Nationals and claim the Motocross Championship title
    Additional event types to be announced
    Multiplayer - Race against a friend in local play or take on all comers in 2-12 online multiplayer action

    <b>Video</b> Preview/fluff piece but has a bit of gameplay.

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    Was gonna ask: does it have local multiplayer? cos that's the make or break for me, even just downloading it. But appears it actually does, holy shit! When i saw it pop up I just assumed it probably didn't - I'm sick of bothering to look and finding no. So cheers, thanks for the heads up heh