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    Hi guys! Kuppo!
    i think i asked this question before, but its so important, so sorry if its double topic (but i couldnt find previous one ...)
    so, my question is that i have DSL with G6 and PassCard3 and my other friend(s) have just plain DSL OR DSL with G6 (imagine both situations) and we want to play, say mario kart, multiplayer.
    i know we cant use internet for multiplayer since we dont have valid games.

    1-would u tell me that are we able to play with each other? would games find each other on G6s?
    2- if that way doesnt work, are my friend(s) able to use Ghost mode or Download Play for a game that i have on my G6?
    (so plz consider two guys having G6 and a guy with G6 and another guy with nothing but just DSL)

    mainly my question is about multiplayer restcitions when u use a thing like G6 (like u cant get online and etc.)

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    Well I have the G6 and my friend has the real game for Final Fantasy III and we were able to transfer data just fine over the internet.