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Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by sylux92, Jun 5, 2007.

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    How come the cheats on multicard play don't work? On metroid and mario kart me and whoever I'm playing against get disconnected. Does anyone know the answer?
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    Feb 16, 2003
    That's just the nature of the beast.

    Taking Mario Kart as an example, the only information transmitted over wireless is the button presses. Everything else is based purely on the game engine and is handled separately on each DS. When you pick up an item, the item you get is not randomized by your DS, it is based on a specific set of variable(s) in the game (likely the clock) at the precise moment you drive over the item box, and all DS's in play will generate the very same item result because they all work off the same set of variables and they are all in synch.

    Essentially, at the moment you touch that item box every connected DS will know where you are, not by a set of coordinates, but simply by the timing of the button-press data sent from your DS since the very start of the race. As long as synch is not lost, you will always be in the same place on each player's DS, simply because your button presses were sent directly to each DS as if you had a second controller plugged into it. But if you have some hack that gives you a particular item when you press a particular button, that data will not be transmitted to the other players. If you use an item that affects your speed or position in any way, or the speed/position of another player, you will lose synch because that data is not transmitted from your DS to theirs.

    The only way to have cheats work over wireless play is to use some absolute (always have/do X) codes and all players must all be using the exact same codes at the same time. For example, you could create a code for Mario Kart where you always have a green shell no matter what. You would also have a have a code that says "Player in race slot 2 always has green shell", "Player in race slot 3 always has green shell", etc. You would have to cover every slot, since slots change as your ranking and position changes. You would basically need 8 codes saying that every kart always has a green shell, and every other player would have to have that set of codes as well. That way, whenever any character (player or CPU) uses an item, it is always a green shell. All DS's involved would agree (since they are all using the same set of codes), so there would be no loss of synch.

    Unfortunately, for games like Mario Kart, this is the only way due to the way the wireless play was designed. Wireless works much differently from Wi-Fi, but less data being sent and a non-lag environment means more accurate gameplay. Hence karts can bump into each other, you can drag items, play on all courses, etc. The only way to cheat in wireless play is for everybody to "co-cheat" with you. But let me tell you, having a five-man versus match where everybody has nothing but bob-ombs is a hell of a lot of fun. [​IMG]