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    The game opens with an amazing cut scene, while the scene may have spoilers this is a pokémon game, there's not too much to surprise you now is there?
    After watching the cutscene, which i recommend doing, you get to the title screen of the game. This time they have a fully 3d rendered pokémon standing there, the camera pans and moves around him as you are prompted to press start.
    Pressing start will bring you to the ever-familiar lecture from the pokémon professor. This time it's a woman!
    After the lecture and choosing the gender and name of your character the game starts proper.
    You start in your house, some of your friends burst in and prompt you to open a package in your room.
    This package has your pokémon, that's right you get your pokémon right away in this game.
    Your friends each pick the other two pokémon.
    You get to battle them both right off the bat, this destroys your room.
    You wander around, eventually you get your pokédex.
    As you progress towards the next town you meet an interesting man with green hair, if you watch the intro you might recall this fellow.
    Shortly after this you are introduced to Team Plasma. They dress like they are wearing a suit of armor.

    I should mention at this point that the games uses a totally new battle system. Your pokémon keep moving during the entire battle, the camera pans as you fight, giving you a more "3d feel" to this game.
    The overworld is also done in "3d feel" as well, if you played the last generation of games you're be familiar with this 3desque setting, but the team seems to have really nailed it well this time.
    Overall the difficulty of this game is a bit higher than previous games, giving it a more mature feel, while the pokémon keep it feeling childish.

    Going back to the story, you discover that Team Plasma has evil plans and you have to battle them constantly!
    You will eventually come across some more new features of this game- WILD DOUBLE BATTLES!
    These are very exciting and a great way to level up.

    Fire pokémon seem to be scarce in this game, grass pokémon seem to be heavy in this game.
    The colors used in this game are spot on! Everything looks rendered very well, the pokémon are new an imaginative.

    Well, thanks for reading! i hope you enjoy the new generation!
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    I wouldn't say it's a 'new battle system', more of an aesthetic new design, unless you count the 3v3 battles (which I've only experienced once so far). Wild double battles were in D/P/Pl, granted however, you had to have a partner and it was only in designated areas. Also fire Pokemon are usually scarce in every Pokemon game, so no surprise there (but you do get the Zebra that learns a fire move and possibly a fire Monkey close to the beginning depending on what starter you choose).

    This review is very bland, and quick, however you do get your point across; this is your favorite game. With that said, I'm curious how far you are? Or if you beat it already?

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    It's not a new battle system, just some minor additions. You didn't really go in depth with your review, it's more of you telling us what happens.
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    yeah, i'm not very much of a reviewer, hence why i didn't try to submit this to new or anything, just my little review of the game.
    i am at the 6th gym methinks, with some sort of Ghost Tower . . .
    the battle system is new; all the power up type moves go before any attacks, that alone makes it a new battle system
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    thank you very much. good review
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    [​IMG] glad you enjoyed it