[MT Card] Cartridge error ("extraction") after console suspension (closing 3ds)

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    Jan 15, 2013
    So, sometimes while I'm playing a game and I close the 3ds, when I open it again the game displays an error like if I took out the cartridge from the console and I don't know why could this be happening.

    Anyone had this error before? any way to fix it or prevent it from happening? why does it happen?

    Steps to reproduce:

    While playing a game:

    1- Close the 3ds (I usually do this when taking a break from a long, non-saveable game like Phoenix Wright)

    2- Open it to play again, and you'll find an error like if the cartridge was removed from the 3ds system.

    After this, I usually have to try several times to make the 3ds read the mt-card, since it gets the read card error on the MT menu, but only after this happens.

    If this error doesnt happen I dont have any problems with the card.