MSX Emulator fMSX Version 5.9 release

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fMSX is a program that emulates MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ home computers.
It runs the majority of MSX software and mimics most popular hardware extensions, such as SCC, OPLL, etc on many different platforms including Windows, Android, Symbian, MacOS, Unix, MSDOS, AmigaOS.
The latest fMSX-Windows and fMSX-Linux, released December 16 2020, add a simple CPU-based linear interpolation algorithm, applied whenever hardware acceleration cannot be be used.
The Windows version adds drag'n'drop and fixes loading disk and tape files by clicking on them.
The Linux version now has -linear option to enable interpolation.
fMSX Version 5.9 Changelog:
Added simple CPU-based linear scaling algorithm.
Added -linear command line option.
Added drag'n'drop files functionality to fMSX-Windows.
Fixed fMSX-Windows loading disk and tape files on click.

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