MPUtility and G6 Flash in Vista

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Can anyone tell me if they have tried using the MPUtility in Windows Vista?

    My flash cart was playing up a bit lately, it would work in the NDS, but not on the USB reader, so I could no longer copy or delete games from it.
    Tonight I tried it again on a different USB post and with an extender cable and it started working as a mass storage device and the contents popped up. It seemed to work fine again, so i deleted a few files and then thought I would upgrade the loader with the latest software. Copied and overwrote the existing and checked the version in Touchpod and it said 4.3 instead of 4.8A. So I thought I'd try doing the format thing.
    I tried to format it in Windows Vista in FAT16 and it got close to the end and then got an error. Now I can no longer read the flash cart and trying to format it again just locks up the Windows Format utility.

    So I thought I'd try the MPUtility program, but that gives an error on loading saying, "This tool just support Win2k, It should run with Win2000". Has anyone used this in Vista successfully?

    I don't want to resign to the fact that my flash cart may be stuffed!.. It cost me as much as my NDS!
    Lucky I recently bought a G6 Real, due to the reading/writing problem I was having with the G6 Flash earlier.

    Now whe I try access the G6 Flash I get the flashing blue light and no response!

    Any help greatly appreciated.