MPlayer Wii v0.7

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    MPlayer Wii v0.7
    Unofficial Versions
    There are currently three versions of MPlayerWii v0.7 out there, each with different features. All are based off of the official v0.07.

    MPlayerWii v0.07 with DVD support

    Written by tipolosko, this version requires DVDx to be installed.

    MPlayerWii v0.07 DCelso & Qualith MOD R1

    This is a simple mod that allows for random and sequential play, with no SDHC support yet.

    MPlayerWii v0.07 with SDHC support

    A recompile using libogc by sandservers now supports SDHC.

    v0.7 Changelog

    [​IMG] MPlayerWii with DVD Support
    [​IMG] MPlayerWii v0.07 DCelso & Qualith MOD R1
    [​IMG] MPlayerWii with SDHC Support
    [​IMG] More Info
    [​IMG] Discuss
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    Why not integrated all them into one ultimate revision of MPlayer Wii?

    Regardless, great news, and great to have them all accessible in one place.

    +1 for GBAtemp. =]