MPlayer automatically start usb drive

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  1. uebi

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    May 31, 2009
    Gambia, The
    Hello, I would like to start at the MPlayer CE 0.5 automatically to the usb drive. can someone tell me whether it works and what should I adjust?

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  2. roku93

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    Jan 28, 2009
    Probably could do it by adjusting the menu.conf file. Go figure out for yourself.
  3. UranusKiller

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    Feb 9, 2009
    Redcar, England, UK.
    as of 0.6 you can use usb as your'e source, no need for the files on SD if that's what you mean?

    Changelog to MPlayerCE


    New screen size variables actually work now.
    Better usb device detection
    Using free Liberation font instead of Arial
    Subtitle wraparound bug fixed
    Released Spanish Edition

    No more maximum cache limit
    Introduced new variables into mplayer.conf to adjust screen size and position, please see mplayer.conf for details (component-fix is now deprecated)
    idx/sub subtitle support (please note that these can take up to 30 seconds to load so please be patient)
    Multiple folder locations added, it is now possible to have the files in
    Added resume points - video will resume at last stopped point. To clear, delete resume_points file in your mplayer_ce folder. To seek to the beginning of the video hold 2 and press the minus button.
    Added support for Hermes' cIOS. This has greater USB compatibility and enables USB LAN connector support. Please see wiki page for details
    Added Fribidi library support for right-to-left languages
    Made cache fill visible on screen
    Many small bug fixes
    Updated to latest MPlayer svn

    SMB now much more robust - thanks to DennisLKJ for smb.c fix
    libfat cache improved for speed and stability
    USB ethernet now works with USB 1.1; USB 2.0 fix requires an updated cIOS
    Added ability to manipulate picture using the nunchuck
    Updated to latest MPlayer revision
    Now using subfont.ttf instead of font folder - use mplayer.conf to change font size
    Merged widescreen and 4:3 pack - now MPlayer will use the appropriate loop.avi automatically
    Improved Modchip compatibility for DVD

    USB 2.0 support (see docs for info)
    TTF font support (see docs for info)
    Fixed bug in radio streaming.
    DVD-Video bugs fixed (DVDs should play much more smoothly now)
    Fixes in Libdi to detect chipped Wii
    Codec fixes
    Updated to latest MPlayer revision
    Many small fixes

    Fixed a little bug in keepalive issue that hangs the wii

    Fixed code to play videos with incompatible size; we now support many video formats and unorthodox resolutions
    Fixed keepalive issue in samba (thanks to Ludovic Orban)
    New loop.avi and widescreen version (thanks to Blue_K)

    Fixed apostrophies in filenames
    Improved DVD and USB mounting devices
    Fixed radio
    Improved samba reconnection
    Debugging help for SMB Shares at bootup, debug_network=yes (Review mplayer.conf)

    Updated menu.conf to allow selecting playlist
    Fix rodries' loop patch

    Updated menu.conf to allow selecting subtitles

    New mplayer.conf option: component_fix=yes to fix side bars on some problematic TVs (Now fixed) Review your configs.
    Stop Looping Video/Audio file.
    Fixed hang when you access dvdnav

    Reduced font size
    New Readme
    New mplayer.conf option: component_fix=yes to fix side bars on some problematic TVs

    SD/USB Mount bugs fixed
    DVD Mount/Stop/Motor/Pause problems fixed, now mounts, only when you select DVD
    Network Initialising on startup changed, now connects "hidden" in background.
    Added 5 SMB Shares, review smb.conf
    Boot-up speed increased
    Added files filter to only show audio/video files
    Same directory kept open when you open/close the menu
    Menu closes on file load

    SMB fixes
    DVD cache bug fixed
    Small USB fixes
    Modified Libogc & Libfat
    2.35:1 videos now scale correctly
    V0.1 Christmas Edition

    Initial project
  4. uebi

    uebi Newbie

    May 31, 2009
    Gambia, The
    Sorry, my English is very bad. My question is: Can I configure MPlayerCE 0.5 so that he instantly when the program starts automatically on my USB drive being accessed?