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    Dec 15, 2006
    I understand that changing, upgrading, modifying, editing or tinkering of any other sort can be risky when you have yourself a lovely new mp3 player with all the whistles and bells such as:
    Radio with recorder function
    Little sound speaker
    Voice Recorder
    Little Mini Tetris Game
    AMVideo playback
    Ebook reader

    This is all very nice but the is one thing I don't like about it that I would love to change. The startup screen is the most ugly thing I have ever seen. It says in COMIC SANS font "MINI MP3 PLAYER" in a dark red font with a grey marble background err and says goodbye when turned off in the same way the text zooming in and out on both. I was wondering if the is a slight chance I would change it if I got the tools to flash the firmware via USB. I have been looking high and low for something that can rip the firmware from the rom to my pc, so far i have had no such luck.

    So tell me everyone could it be possible or am I just going to have learn to live with it!

    Link to the player:

    Originally purchased from

    Thanks for reading.
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    Sorry, I don't know anything about your MP3 player, but on the same note, you can edit all the little graphics of the iPod too. and have some forums that you can find more information.

    But if you really want to get your feet wet, you can completely replace the stock Apple firmware with a homebrew firmware called Rockbox. Their website is

    A few things that are great about Rockbox firmware:
    - Eliminate iTunes. You can simply drag your MP3's straight to the iPod using Windows Explorer. You can display files on your iPod in either regular files/folder view (like on your PC) or with an iPod-like database view.

    - Create/edit/rename multiple playlists straight from the iPod.

    - Customizable menus/playing screens. Create your own or download from many themes that users have already created.

    - Rockbox and the stock Apple firmware can co-exist. When you start the iPod, a menu will ask you which firmware you'd like to load.

    - Lots of plugins. From games to text editors to a Gameboy emulator.

    - Copy/Move/Delete files straight from the iPod.

    Ha... I just realized this looks like an advert or something.
    It's just that I just recently found out about it and I'd never use the stock iPod firmware again - mainly due to the fact that you can straight drag/drop MP3's (like an MP3 player SHOULD be!).

    Anyway, go to the website and check out some of the cool themes too.
  3. spas

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    Dec 15, 2006
    OHHH thank god somebody did it, its about time that a firmware hacker made drag and drop support for ipod that means direct mp3 record to the ipod!