Moving the DML games directory (and cIOS questions)

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by DRGN, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. DRGN

    DRGN Newbie

    Mar 16, 2014
    United States
    Hi everyone. First time poster here, and recent learner of Wii software.

    I've installed some homebrew and a few emulators, and just about have everything just the way I want it, except for a couple minor issues. Mostly I just have two questions right now:

    1) My set-up seems to have a bug in that I can't change the directory that WiiFlow looks in for GameCube games. Right now they're in the default "Games" folder. I want to move them to "[SD card root]/Games/GameCube" (because I've moved other roms to their respective subfolders in the Games directory too). It looks like I should be able to change this by going into WiiFlow -> Settings -> Path Manager (pg.4) -> GameCube Games (pg.2) and setting it, or by editing the "dir_usb_games" variable in the wiiflow.ini file, under the [DML] heading. But neither of these methods work. If I try to change the path within WiiFlow, and then back out, then when I go back to it the setting is reverted back to the default. And if I try to change that variable in wiiflow.ini directly, it makes no effect.

    Also, if I go back to the Path Manager in WiiFlow after changing the .ini, it still shows the default directory there, and WiiFlow also does not change the setting back in the settings file. WiiFlow doesn't seem to care about that setting at all. Is it the wrong one? (I couldn't simply add a line called dir_sd_games, could I? :P)

    I'm using DML v2.10, and WiiFlow version 4.2.1-r441

    I believe the only cIOSs I've installed/upgraded are:
    - 236 (using the "Priiloader 236 Mod" v.7 (r142) patcher)
    - cIOS249[56]-d2x-v8-final
    - cIOS250[57]-d2x-v8-final

    Could this be the problem?

    Which leads me to my next question:

    2) What exactly is the importance of installing/upgrading a big list of cIOSs? I've looked at several guides/posts that talk about it, but their explanations on why are very hazy (if not nonexistant). Is there a table somewhere that outlines the purpose of each of these, and/or maybe links to current versions if I need them?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. DRGN

    DRGN Newbie

    Mar 16, 2014
    United States
    Bump. I just tried a new installation of everything, this time I upgraded these IOSs (after installing HBC, BootMii, etc.)


    And also before those, I first used the 236 patcher (IOS236-v5-Mod) and installed Priiloader.

    I installed the wads using Wii Mod (v3.2), which was set to using to IOS249.)

    After all of this I'm still having the same problem with changing the GameCube games directory. Is this a known issue? I can change the directory of the music folder just fine.
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