Moving hard dive from one Xbox 360 Slim to another

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    Just a quick question.
    So my 360 recently died. Turns on for a second, then NOPE, red light. There's no way I can fix it, research lead me nowhere. I was considering taking it to EBGames to get repaired for about $90, but I can get a preowned 4GB Slim for about $50. So I was thinking of buying that, and putting my 250GB hard drive from my dead Slim in it. Will that work just fine? With my save files etc. in tact? (Provided the replacement doesn't die as well, of course.) I would assume so. It might be a bit of a silly question, but I just want to make sure. The only thing I really care about on my 360 is my 100+ hour save file of Tales of Vesperia, and I REALLY don't want to lose that.
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    It's highly likely you might even need to format your harddrive.
    It's been years since I swapped HDDs on 360's tho.

    But yes, you should do a license transfer so you can access your digital content without any issues.
    You could also hook up your HDD to your PC and use Party Buffalo driver or USBXTAF to make a backup of your saves etc.
    Incase the console asks you to format the drive.
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    Mar 27, 2016
    Well I sure as hell hope I don't need to reformat it. Connecting the hard drive to a PC sounds like a pain in the ass from what I can gather. Unless there's something I'm missing and it's actually super easy, but googling it tells me otherwise. Maybe I'll just give up on this piece of junk. I only ever used it for like, 2 games anyway.