Moving CFW Luma (a9lh) SD card to a new 3DS?

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    Mar 11, 2017
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    On my old 3ds, I have an SD card with the Luma CFW and a9lh, etc etc, and I recognize that you can easily transfer the files from one SD card to another (in the case you want to upgrade to a bigger SD card), however, I just recently purchased a New 3DS, and I was wondering if it were possible to just transfer the SD card from the old 3DS to the New 3DS and have it completely boot up and everything like normal, or will I have to go through the process again?
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    You need to setup your new3DS with A9LH and update, etc. From there backup your old3DS and or just dump your tickets.
    Than do a normal system transfer. Once you've done the system transfer, use FBI to install your dumped tickets. Than use freeShop/CIAs/eShop to install any tickets that won't install through FBI. Some legit tickets might require you to redownload them.
    I also suggest backing up your saves because any games that weren't setup after the transfer will require you to reinject your saves as well.