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    When I play FPS games I my new laptop, every 5-10 minutes the mouse will look up and spin like crazy. I've tried 3 different games (COD4, MW2, and Hard Reset), 2 different mice, and tried disabling my touchpad while playing. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?
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    I had this happen to me in fullscreen games before, but once I got a gaming-specific laser mouse (laser tracking isn't exactly the same as ordinary optical tracking) and made sure the DPI was set to a low setting, I never had a problem. Also, I went from Wireless to Wired.
    Mouse DPI determines the accuracy of fine movement and I have no idea if it has anything to do with your actual problem,

    I also got a new mousepad that was less reflective. I had a mousepad I really liked because it let me slide a photograph into it but it was too reflective for gaming mice to work properly.
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    Is it sort of unresponsive? or is it just like a sudden mouse spin?

    If it's the first, perhaps it may be your framerate, if it's the latter have you tried using a mouse pad? I find that whenever I play an fps without a mouse pad it usually just spins my mouse up making my view look up.

    Sometimes it just may be the mice's problem. What kind of mice are you using? (Cord, wireless, etc.?).