Motoheroz Issue

Discussion in 'Wii - Console and Game Discussions' started by WiiDude09, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Nov 19, 2011
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    Hello, I used to be wiimano on here, but I couldn't remember my password, so I made a new account.

    I'm not sure which section to post this in. I play all my wiiware from the USB drive, and this game is quite addicting, its a mistake to put a z on the end of words...but don't let the Z in the title fool you, these are from the makers of Trials HD, this is World Of Goo quality!

    I think this is the only game I have come across that is not working from USB. I've tried on wiiflow with various newer revs, triiforce, mega channels, all with the same result. It freezes at the saving screen. I wanted to know if there is anyone who has had success running this game from USB, or if there are still a few troublesome games.

    Even past troublesome games like World Of Goo, now run flawless for me on USB. I also updated to the cios d2xv7. I've been away from all of this for awhile, so Its nice to be able to have all the wiiware inside wiiflow now, very nice addition.

    If it doesn't work for now, then I guess it doesn't work, but I would just like to get clarification of that from someone who knows their stuff!

    Anyway, hope someone can give me some insight, thanks!
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