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    GXC made another internal release in Guitar.Hero.World.Tour.PAL.iNT.XBOX360-GXC and there were a few game guides (Bulletstorm and Dragon Age 2) but otherwise not much happened.


    Appears to be region free.

    Not the first simulation themed racer (the US release of SBK X finally hit a few days back and the European release hit nearly a year ago) to hit recently and MX vs. ATV Alive is just under two months out but the licensed MotoGP games usually do OK if you are looking for a simulation type racer with an arcade bent if you want it (although they have not done as well since Capcom took over the reigns- early word though is this is a serious switch up). They also claim a measure of local co-op play (similar things have been tried for F1 games at points and many of you may well have played mario kart with two players using similar techniques).

    Gameplay video (quite a lot of gameplay footage is available at this point which is always a good sign).

    Boom, crush. Night, losers. Winning, duh. 
    its fucking region free.. and you have only 1 gear in this game... GO
    we also included a ROCK dir with something nice