MOTHER 3 Spanish Translation released

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    The Spanish translation team for MOTHER 3 has been hard at work since Mato ended his English translation... and they are finally done.

    Also, for those who missed it, the MOTHER 1+2 Spanish Translation is complete and available for download:

    And one last one, the Bazilian/Mexican Spanish translation is complete as well:

    For all of you native Spanish speaking members of the Temp, I am sure you'll appreciate these. [​IMG] No you have no reason not to try playing MOTHER and MOTHER 3! [​IMG]

    Note: For those who don't know, the first two patches are in "Spain" Spanish, which uses some different words and such compared to "Mexican" Spanish. Like Vosotros (you all), etc., kind of how Americans and English have different kinds of "English".

    I will be mirroring all of these on Filetrip soon, too. Enjoy!
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