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    So I've decided to go back and play all the Earthbound/Mother games, starting with the NES game. But I've noticed that there is a port for the GBA as well, and I Was wondering how the translations are on each of these versions, and which one would be the best to play. I'll be playing all of them on emulators of course. Thanks in advance!
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    They've been working on it for a long time, but the group is very good about updating the blog, letting everyone know how the translation's coming along.

    Hey, they just updated 2 hours ago.
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    If you are content with a little Japaneses in it, go ahead and try mother 1+2(mother 2 was not translated much but mother 1 has almost everything, the patch is at rpgone), if you want the a full Mother Zero experience, go for the nes rom. Also, try Tomato's update hack if you are going to try Mother Zero, as the text can be hard to read at times(this hack makes the text more readable). You can get the update hack at
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    Mother 0?! xD It's EARTHBOUND ZERO!

    Mother = Earthbound Zero (NES, Famicom)
    Mother 2 = Earthbound (SNES, Super Famicom)
    Mother 3 = 'Earthbound 2 (not official since there's no official translation except for's one) (GBA)

    Mother 1 + 2 were re-released on the GBA, there's no real point translating them... Just play the NES and SNES versions =/ If you must, get a hex editor and edit it.

    Mother 3 is being translated here.
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    You can get the Mother 1+2 GBA translation here, but remember that only Mother 1 is translated, and the ending credits are not translated.

    Yay for the MOTHER series [​IMG]