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    [​IMG]Mot Mot Motus v0.2
    Adaption of the classic French gameshow

    orion-jones has released his adaption of the classic French game show, "Motus". Its a mastermind-type game where you guess the words based on the letters... in French of course. Changelog and download below.

    [title:Changelog] One hundred words to find.
    The original music-playing Motus but just for the intro because it soulant force .
    -A soft music for the concentration issued for the search words.
    - Changes letters entries is then validated by a sprite colored a "VO".
    Applause sound when the word is found.
    Adding system of counting points
    Adding multiplayer system, 2 people can play.
    - Added a countdown to 3 minutes to find as many words as possible in the limited time.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
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    rofl at the homebrew title, that's the lyrics of the opening song [​IMG]
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    Downloaded [​IMG]