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    Hey, havent been around the GBAtemp forums as much as I used to be, but now Im dying to get me a nice chip and try out games that are now rather expensive to rent. (Wich was hard enough when the video store caters to mostly PS3 and Xbox360 anyway)

    I just cant have a chip that isnt removable and swapable for upgrades if theres ever a better chip out that actually enables homebrew, wich is usually the major factor for deciding if I mod or not.

    So wich chip or open source chip project do you guys suggest me (and others like me too) should go with?

    Im thinking about trying an Open Chip project and making a small board to paste on the side for later swapping or something. Though it would be nice to have a solderless chip.

    For those installations that use a wire to goto a board for swaping the chip on, if you take the chip out and leave it out, does the Wii still run normally? Id assume it would.

    So any suggestions? Or should I just wait till a really good chip comes out or homebrew is possible? (with or without a chip)