Mortal Kombat trilogy causes flashing Yellow light of death with ps3 still working?!?!?!

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    Jun 16, 2016
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    I tried playing mortal Kombat trilogy from a USB hard drive on my jailbroken rebug 4.75 slim ps3

    Well I started it up from multiman everything looks good I start looking at my phone as the intro stuff is playing one of the things starts to pop up is there for a second or to and then the ps3 crashes not a normal crash either the ps3 had to be unplugged and it didn't make a sound when I hit the button

    So when the message asking me to repair the file structure pops up I give it permission wait for it to end everything seems normal

    I go to Iris manager this time to see and it tells me that theres an error and that there is a different sector size in iso files and then proceeds to tell me it is not a ps1 game even though it is

    I decide it was a random crash and that Iris is just getting confused because the game uses many tracks of bins

    I start game again from multiman the screen goes black after I click PlayStation format game black screen no logos this time I try the ps button nothing I go and I click the power button I hear a beep and my light starts blinking green and yellow It goes red

    I turn it back on it blinks yellow and green then stays green and is working fine

    I just don't get what went wrong and why I am having so much trouble with ps1 games

    thrill kill crashed in iris manager when I tried setting a memory card to it and crashed not to mention multiman won't run a lot of ps1 games