Morning timer Ver1.03 Released

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    [​IMG]Morning timer Ver1.03 Released
    Infantile Paralysiser


    Infantile Paralysiser has release Ver1.03 of his Morning Timer application. Stability seems to be the focus in this release. Full changelog below (including 1.0/1.01/1.02 releases).

    Version1.0/1.01/1.02/1.03 save files are not compatible.

    Version 1.0 2007/11/21

    The interrupt processing of ARM7 is reviewed, stability has been improved.
    The backlight setting item was added.
    The bug to which the folder/file icon was not displayed by the file selection dialog was corrected.
    Folder name and file name was sorted by the file selection dialog.
    The folder that doesn't contain the music file is excluded by the file selection dialog.
    The volume change curve has been adjusted more naturally.
    The frequency conversion was made high-quality. 'Nearest neighbor' is improved to 'Interpolation'.
    The bug with a wrong AM/PM judgment was corrected.
    The resource was saved by compressing the icon file with TGF.
    The resource was saved by compressing the sound effect file with TTA.
    Soft reset of the START button is disregarded while executing the timer.

    Version 1.01 2007/11/23

    The development environment was updated to DevKitProR21.

    Version 1.02 2007/11/24

    The bug that begin on debug mode was corrected.

    Version 1.03 2007/11/24

    The bug that the mp3 decoder halted occasionally was corrected.

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    Feb 18, 2007
    Just what I've been waiting for, Are there any skins available for this?
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    >.< didn't he put a plugin system into moonshell? I wish he would just stick it all together...

    have moonshell be like a DS OS of his own design, that actually works well.
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    What does this program do?

    Edit: It's an alarm clock that plays MP3s?
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    Yeap. Basically