More unwarranted DSi speculation!

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    Disclaimer: I AM MAKING THIS UP. Talking out of my ass. Okay? No flames.

    It might be possible to turn a regular DS into a DSi. Now, hear me out.

    1) Our friends in Hong Kong make a slot 2 cartridge that has extra ram, a card slot and a couple of cameras.
    2) Someone rips the FW out of a DSi so we can flash it(maybe modified) onto a regular DS. This isn't complete BS because the Lite IS flashable. That's what FlashMe is.
    3) Point 2 may not work because the DSi probably has more flash space because the firmware does more. In this case it might be possible to flash FW that redirects to the slot-2 cart for FW. This doesn't sound very likely to me, but not impossible.

    I'd buy one. [​IMG]