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    This was originally a reply to this thread:

    However when I finished writing it I felt that it had more than enough new information to be "new thread" worthy.

    I've got the issue in front of me, no other Wii U games were rated than the two before. Some may worry that that means Ubisoft are thinking that ZombieU may not rate well, but that isn't true as others have stated that they'll be reviewing that game as well as others before the Wii U launches in the US. Most likely GM were too late to review others games as they do have a "hands on" special and they'll have the review ready for the next issue on December 4th.

    They're very pleased with the Wii U, stating that it is difficult to write about because it does so many things and many of them differently to others. Also stating that Miiverse is extremely good in these early days.

    On Nintendoland they also have a section where they rate each of the games out of 5 and state how many players can play each, it does appear that some are multiplayer only which is a huge shame for me as I'm not always able to get someone around and so games like Luigi's Ghost Mansion I'll have to wait to play so it may not be worth the price for me. Also five games are single player only, again a shame because some of those look fun to play with others. Also remember that this has no online multiplayer either! This could have been a fantastic online title to show off, I may prefer having people over to play but the lack of online for a title such as this is just stupid imo:

    Animal Crossing: Sweet Day 5/5 (2-5 players)
    Legend of Zelda: Battlequest 3/5 (1-5 players)
    Luigi's Ghost Mansion 5/5 (2-5 players)
    Takamaru's Ninja Castle 2/5 (1 player)
    Donkey Kong's Crash Course 3/5 (1 player)
    Pikmin Adventure 3/5 (1-5 players)
    Metroid Blast 3/5 (1-5 players)
    Mario Chase 5/5 (2-5 players)
    Balloon Trip Breeze (1 player)
    Octopus Dance 2/5 (1 player)
    Yoshi's Fruit Cart 2/5 (1 player)
    Captain Falcons Twister Race 2/5 (1 player)

    Seeing the single player content makes me rethink this title, maybe Nintendo could update it but they won't. I guess that the games they rated well make up for the ones they didn't rate well what with the game getting 86/100.

    Reading the review of New Super Mario Bros, it does appear (to the reviewer) that this is a fantastic game but the short lifespan of it lowered the score.

    On to "hands on" previews.

    They seem very positive on Rayman Legends, giving it a "5/5 thrill-o-meter" stating that some not only is the co-op play is great but that the single player is amazing. Looks to be like an essential Wii U game, a shame Ubisoft couldn't get it ready in time for launch.

    ZombieU, again another positive look at it getting a "4/5 thrill-o-meter". They say that the game is very unpredictable when it comes to zombies appearing and the scares and that this zombie game offers something new for those who may be getting bored with the genre. The zombies behave differently to the usual kind, and you have to be quick on your feet with deciding how to deal with some. From the preview, it sounds like it's a proper survival horror game with more emphasis on horror than action, they say that every time you go into a different room you'll feel the same fear and trepidation. You torch doesn't last long and takes a few seconds to recharge, ammo is very scarce meaning that melee combat will be used the most. They difficulty is "hard as nails" and that you will die a lot and it also shares the same kind of message sharing online as Dark Souls. They state that it is a very "hardcore" title. The "floaty" controls of that were in public showings of this game have been fixed however they say that the touchscreen isn't as reliable as it should be but the gamepad uses are very effective. Sounds like they have the final version but were too late to review it properly. I get the impression that this will be a 8/10 kind of game (for me) but I can see some reviewers going lower like they do with some difficult games.

    Aliens: Colonial Marines. They are stating that the Wii U version is on course to be the best version, it also sounds like the version that Gearbox has been excited about the most. Randy Pitchford has been very vocal about how he loves the Wii U controller and how he wants the Wii U version of this game to have meaningful features and to stand out against other Wii U games. It sounds like from this preview that they he may have succeeded. Graphically it's gorgeous, oozing atmosphere and the levels are extremely well detailed. The Gamepad has a lot of uses that you'd want from this franchise, meaningful motion controls and map integration. They also state that fears that the game is too action orientated should be diminished as there is also a big horror element in this title that emanates from the first two movies. They say that this is a unfinished version (the game is released in March so quite some time for it to go) and that there were still some things that needed to be ironed out. Overall their "thrill-o-meter" was 4/5 and the only negative thing they really said was that the guns were too quiet.

    LEGO City Undercover is sounding like the typical LEGO title only with sandbox elements, if that is good or bad depends on whether you like me are bored with the series. It sounds like a child friendly version of GTA, you play a cop rather than a criminal. GM say that the cars are too accurate in that they pretty much are too slow and handle exactlt like rectangle shaped vehicles (LEGO Batman 2 however had fast cars that controlled well). They say that despite "over 100 vehicles" that they all drive the same. However the map is very detailed and as large as a GTA game but dotted around the place are LEGO "puzzles" that you would find in the other games. They say that if things like the driving was fixed and smooth out the rough edges (they state that there is some "horrible" pop in throughout) that this could be a very good game. The Gamepad is used just for the map and a Arkham style detective mode. They gave it a 3/5 on the "thrill-o-meter"

    These are more blips in little boxes but they do put a "Wii U integration score" which tells you if a game does the Wii U's extra features well.
    Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition they say that it's an extremely impressive port (there were some reports a couple of months ago that there were a lot of glitches, I guess they were fixed) and of all of the re-releases this has the best and deepest Wii U gamepad integration. 5/5 for Wii U features.

    Call of Duty Black Ops 2 they say the Wii U features are "generic" and "workable". Sounds like it's just as good as the other versions but you may not want to get it if you're into multiplayer and have a PC/360/PS3 as no doubt there'll be more people to play against. They didn't give much of an impression of if the game itself is good or not. 3/5 for Wii U features.

    Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed they say the graphics look quite foggy but they also state that they are playing a early version. This has been said before by others and a Sega rep has then told press that the graphics have been fixed it'll be the best looking version. The Wii U pad is not only used as a map but also as a rear view mirror and you get a "rocket eye view" for some of the remote controlled weapons. Again, they didn't give much of an impression of if the game itself is good or not. 2/5 for Wii U features.

    Darksiders II, they seem very pleased with the Wii U version. Stating that the dungeons are much easier to navigate with the map on the screen (obviously) and that the extra management options for the loot is so much better. Also as stated before that it has the DLC with it, new side quests, equipment and good gyroscopic control. 5/5 for Wii U features.

    Skylanders: Giants, it appears to be a standard port in terms of Wii U integration, aside from maps and stats on the gamepad you also play minigames on it. 2/5 for Wii U features.

    Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge, they state that it has a lot more gore then the previous version however it does appear that this version is better with better combat and a much better progression system. This game I was quite curious about, I personally found the previous version to be a massive piece of shit but I found it to be odd that Nintendo requested and funded this port and are also publishing it too! 2/5 for Wii U features.

    Epic Mickey: Power of Two. They seem disappointed with the Wii U features calling them "bargain basement extras". I suspected that this was a rush port seeing that earlier this year they stated that there wasn't going to be a Wii U version and then a few months later it gets announced all of a sudden. The gamepad is only used for the map and inventory items...and that co-op play you still see Mickey & Oswald on one screen rather than Mickey on one, Oswald on the other...that's pretty lazy for me anda missed opportunity. 2/5 for Wii U features.

    NBA2k13, Wii gamers have been plagued by very lacklustre lazy ports and it looks like this isn't changing with this version! The say the Wii U features are "ludicrous" and "heavily sponsored by Gatorade". If you tilt the screen you see the players body temperatures and how tired they are....1/5 for Wii U features.

    Trine 2: Directors Cut. I've got Trine 2 on Steam and if this version is as good then I recommend it to anyone getting a Wii U! One of the eShop only titles confirmed for launch and GM are extremely pleased with it calling it a "secret gem". They say the Wii U integration is done beautifully well and that it's "bursting" with extra content. It sounds like the Wii U pad touch controls are done amazingly well, I personally hated playing it with a controler (luckily PC owners have keyboard and mouse) but I can see how well controls can be with a touchscreen. PC DLC is included (something else missing from the console version) and it has Wii U exclusive missions that GM state are fantastic. 5/5 for Wii U features.

    Fifa 13. We pretty much know from EA's own admission that this is a stripped down version and misses a lot of features of the PC/360/PS3 versions. GM say its more like "Fifa 12 and a bit" than Fifa 13, notably missing the big "Ultimate Team" mode. However they say it's a good footy game and the Wii U gamepad controls are like the Vita version with touch management and tactics. 3/5 for Wii U features.

    Assassins Creed III, GM state that all of Ubisofts Wii U games show a lot of effort and respect to it's features and this is a strong Wii U title. They say the Wii U features are implemented very well though some are "unnecessary" but presentation is top notch. Normally the words "Ubisoft porting a game to a Nintendo console" means laziness (Rayman 2 DS, Rayman 2 3DS, Far Cry Wii, Splinter Cell Wii etc) but this game is every bit as good as the other versions...or bad, depends on your opinion on this entry. 4/5 for Wii U features.

    Mass Effect 3: Special Edition, they indicate that it's a good port with the usual gamepad integration and again the extra screen makes doing things and looking up your skill wheel a lot easier. They didn't say much else. 4/5 for Wii U features.

    There was a page mentioning other games but it looks like they didn't play them or have preview copies, just basically writing up what we already knew about. Overall this was a very positive look at the Wii U, the line up appears to be pretty damn solid and it sounds like Nintendo have worked very hard at appealing to everyone with this console.
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    Going to be odd seeing 1-5 players for the next couple of years.
    Anyway an interesting set of developments, might actually be worth paying attention to this launch as it happens.
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