More new "The Conduit" footage

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    I am surprised that no one posted anything about this on here. I was going to post something the other day when this footage first showed up on IGN, but I figured that someone else would have done it. I did a search and found a bunch of old topics, and that's all. I hope that people are anticipating this game as much as I am.

    The Conduit video footage

    Also, here is a link to a Pre-E3 2008: The Conduit update at IGN, which has a short interview with the creator of High Voltage Software.

    Pre-E3 2008: The Conduit update at IGN

    Edit: Here is a quote from that article, I thought this was pretty awesome myself.

  2. Arm73

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    I must say, I'm quite excited about this game, I love this kind of FPS shooter ( it reminds me of Turok or Perfect Dark for the N64 ) and this is what my collection needs the most at the time.
    Hopefully it will turn out to be a good game, worth a sequel.
    And I like the bit about the controls being fully customizable, expecially if I read that right, you could create your own Wii remote motion and use it to perform some actions.
    Sounds like a first and it seems this game will be pioneer on certain aspects of the Wii.....
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    Can't wait for this game, I wish more developers had the attitude that this one does. XD