More Details For "The Last Story"

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    Here are some more details for The Last Story

    - main menu image for The Last Story changes depending on your story progression
    - hint characters who will clue you in on what to do nex
    - quests need to be found, but aren't hard to find
    - party members that tag along with you can’t be selected during the game’s main story
    - replace them while revisiting dungeons
    - pause battles with the minus button
    - home button to pause the entire game
    - Some of the weapons you can use in battle will come from playing the game’s online mode
    - these weapons range from easy to difficult to obtain
    - strengthening items for weapons obtained in online mode can only be found in online mode

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    Now here's a thought. One of the bulleted points talks about the "Home" button being used to pause the game. Is this confirmation of developers starting to enhance the "Home Menu" as needed? If the menu is something that is programmed in every individual game and it's obvious that the Home menu is slightly different (at least in look) for some games, what's stopping developers form adding other features? Things like being able to send and check your Wii mail from the menu or even something as small as a clock. The Wii would feel more connected as a console if small things like that were added to the home menu.
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    This game looks pretty good. Sucks it may not be translated.
  3. Potticus

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    Not officially at least, and very roughly translated at first I'd reckon. But somebody will get a use-able full one out.
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    Don't expect a fast fan-translation Wii games would presumably take more time to Hack/Translate then NDS games.
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    it also has the most about the most dialogues on any wii game about 12000 so it would take a really long time to translate that is also the reason why Nintendo isn't translating it
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    Doesn't anyone here find the name slightly ironic considering it somes from the guy who made Final Fantasy?
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    For wii graphic standards, this one just pwnd them. For gameplay, it looks like real time rpg, quite nice. I will never be playing this, since i dont have a wii, but translating a game like this would take the crasiest people from earth, its a hell load of work
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    Nintendo never said they weren't translating it. Also, I reckon Xenoblade has more lines.