Moonshell Music Pause/Skins

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by Another World, Jul 12, 2008.

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    i'm not sure if this is an r4 issue or a moonshell issue, but as we don't have a homebrew specific forum section i'm posting it here. sadly i know i'll get less exposure but hopefully i'll still get an answer =).

    i'm running 1.18 firmware with the included moonshell 1.71. i have recently started to use it more for music and noticed that there is a small pause while loading the next track. i'm unsure if this is just how moonshell works or if it is something i can tweak out, etc. before i drop my albums into cooledit and make 1 giant mp3 i wanted to ask here if there was anything that could be done about it.

    secondly i'm looking for skins beyond the skins packaged with the moonshell install. so far i have only been able to locate 10 or so on google, none of which i have any interest to use. i tried but am curious to find more. are there other places on the net to get moonshell skins?

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    As for the pausing thing, I've never noticed anything.

    The only skin site I know of is ndsthemes.

    edit: it seems like it is just like a loading time in between songs, lower quality songs will (probably) load quicker
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    I think you can make your own skins, Moonshell uses skin format like R4, isn't it? I think it's named background or something