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Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by GIJersey, Aug 24, 2007.

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    I just got my spankin new R4 and a new Kingston 2GB (Japan). I have setup the latest 1.11 R4 Firmware and a bunch of games and goodies on it. I am running the latest version of Moonshell 1.71.

    Some weird things are happening.

    My DS Lite boots up fine into my R4, buy when I hit my select button to change themes (I have 12 different ones I grabbed from It switches to the next one, but it is not switching the top screen picture on some of them. Where some others are working fine and both screens are switching together. Has anyone ever seen this before?

    Now the Moonshell Error (See the screenshot below) When I boot into Moonshell I get the error shown below. Moonshell continues to load and as far as I can tell everything is working fine. I have enough free space on the card, I'm only using 1.2 G. I can navigate around fine, and launch movies, etc. I have tried reformatting the card with the default 32, copying everything back over to it and the Moonshell error is still coming up, as well as the theme problem in the R4 Firmware.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    For the themes: Look at the file sizes of the pics in themes you are having problems with. On all the themes I have that work each pic is 145 kb. If its not it won't display. You might be able to resize/reformat the pic so it works. I've never tried. Maybe someone else can help with that. On the moonshell error: Do any of the problems shown apply? Especially the part about the folder location.
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    1. The problem with that is that when people make the themes they sometimes don't save the bitmap images in the right format. So what you do is open up a skin image in paint that does work and click on File>Save As... and in the dropdown box where you select the format to save it in and whatever it says there you have to resave the images that don't work

    2. Thats normal its no problem at all its just a bit of lazy coding it means if that screen doesn't disappear than you've got a problem

    Happy R4ing [​IMG]
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    The moonshell error is normal.
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    Yeah. I was mistaken when I said I didn't get the error. I was looking at the code going by on the top screen and never paid attention to the bottom screen. [​IMG]

    The R4 moonshell has ALWAYS done that, but it works anyway. I think it used to show it on the top screen before, that's why I didn't notice it with the latest update.

    It's normal. Ignore it.
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    ya, thats normal..