Monster Rancher crashed when you enter this in the Magic Spell

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    This may not be true for every flashcard, but on my latest Sakura Monster Rancher always crashes when doing a specific thing in the Magic Spell Field.

    Those of you who have unlocked it know that it comprises of rectangular boxes next to each other, and each one is divided up by lines into four smaller rectangles (and inside them is of course the grid). Now when you enter in the first box in every one of those four rectangles a letter - eg.
    D R
    G N

    ...the game crashes. I've tried it several times, I've entered different words, but the game always crashes when you enter a letter in each of those rectangles inside the big one. Even when you write something into the next box, it looks like the game can't handle four letters at once in a box. And logically it would make sense too, because you're supposed to put in only one letter.

    So I'm wondering, could any of you test this if it happens also on other flashcards or not? Because it looks like a normal bug to me. And don't forget to backup your save, so your monster doesn't gain any negative action points which would reduce its potential! [​IMG]

    ...I lost a year of training on my third monster because of this, I tried writing things just for fun, to see if I could get a dragon, and the game crashed. If I only knew this, I would have saved it! I should have saved it just in case before generating new monsters anyway...>.> [​IMG]

    EDIT: Oh and I made a spelling mistake in the title, could one of the admins please change "crashed" into "crashes"? It's quite a difference. Thank you! [​IMG]
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    From what I hear it even happens on the retail version,so its probaly just that and not a bad dump or anything,just a poorly tested game I guess...