Monster Hunter Tri won't go past the Capcom logo.

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    I'm sorry, I really should have put this in the "Monster Hunter Tri Freeze?" topic. I kept looking over the forum for a similar topic to my question, but I never spotted it. However, after having read that entire topic and trying out the answers there (mostly the same as what I've been trying), I have yet to find a solution to my problem.

    Never mind, problem solved! I think my DVD was faulty; I tried a friend's instead - the backup I made from hers works just fine with USB Loader GX & cIOS 223 (38 merged with 37) and no special options.


    I've been trying to get Monster Hunter Tri to work for hours, but I just can't manage. I get to the Capcom logo and the screen fades to black to go to the video/title screen/whatever, but it just stays black and won't load further.
    I'm trying to play the game with a USB loader.

    My (US/NTSC) Wii runs version 4.2.

    I've tried the following, and I'm sorry if I muddle any of these terms as I am not exactly an expert:
    USB Loader GX (with Hermes v4 cIOS 222 & 223, both done as 38 merged with 37)
    Wiiflow (cIOS 222 & 223)
    Configurable USB Loader (cIOS 222 & 223)

    I've also tried the above loaders with cIOS 249 rev19, as well as NeoGamma R8 and NeoGamma 9 beta 8 (it might be NeoGamma R9 Beta 8, I'm sorry if I got that wrong - I think it suggests the same thing either way). I read that this was for DVD backups, but I tried anyhow.

    I've also tried configuring the video mode/vidtv patch/error 002 fix/etc. settings to various combinations - mostly ones suggested on these forums and on other articles I've found - but nothing I've tried so far works.

    I think either I can't find the right combination of game load settings or I just have a bad file (I've made sure to reinstall it to my USB drive several times).

    Does anyone think they can help me? I've really, really run out of ideas. Some insight or advice would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Hey I'm h
    Hey I'm having same issue what do u mean by faulty DVD I have tried everything in the world
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    This thread is from 2010, but it's likely he meant is was a bad rip of the game. If you're having issues try dumping the game again with CleanRip and check the ISO's hash for your region on ( doesn't have the hashes for that game.)