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  1. DarkWay

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    Aug 21, 2008
    Hi Fellow Tempers and Monster Hunters.

    What I am trying to do today is build up an FAQ for Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii.
    If anyone would like to help me out building this FAQ Guide then drop me a PM (so we can keep the thread clean from "I can lend a hand" e.t.c.)

    I'm going to keep a document of questions and answers and once I've got a few answered questions I'll edit this post with the start of the FAQ Guide.
    For this FAQ Guide I'd like to keep it to questions about in-game material and no questions about how to get it working.

    I'd like at least 1 or 2 people to helo me with this, so if you think you'll be a good help please do PM me.

    When asking a question please try to get straight to the point (example:- Where can I find __________?, How do I beat ________? e.t.c.)
    When Ansering the Question Quote the question and then answer underneath (example)

    Answer: ________________

    I'm sure you all get the idea [​IMG]

    Thanks in advance Tempers and Monster Hunters
  2. rauthelegendary

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    Jun 27, 2007
    Or... you could link them to this page: Monster Hunter Tri wikia

    Sorry to ruin your idea, but this site will probably answer any question they have.