Monster Hunter Online got a graphics overhaul with the new update

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    With the various system changes in the game through the new update, MHO graphics were upgraded too.
    Bettter lightning effect, water effect, textures etc were upgraded and it was announced that the " pioneering beta test " (which is going on atm going) will be the last data wipe test after which the game will start in a wipe-less beta status (It isn't known if its still gonna be closed or open beta)

    Even thou Capcom said that MHO will come in the west, any new news regarding the release wasn't commented on by them.

    Source: Siliconera
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    Man, we never get any good games like this in the west. I dunno, I'm kinda weird that way. I'm still hoping for DragonQuest 10 to come here, and pretty much everyone resigned that game to the pits!