Monster Hunter Freeze and Loud Noise

Discussion in 'Wii - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection' started by raylinth, May 23, 2010.

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    Dec 16, 2008
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    On a unmodified wii with a legit copy of Monster Hunter Tri, when online the game would randomly freeze and the speakers would emit a loud "HRRRRRRRRRR" noise. I found out this was caused by an IP confliction (a new computer/device getting on the network and kicking the wii offline). I can confirm this after looking at into the router and replicating the "HRRRR" noise a second time by forcing a confliction (you know, for the lulz).

    I am not saying this is the only reason people are getting this type of freeze (probably not for people using USB Loader GX). I'm just putting this out there because it's possible it is someone else's problem too.

    Solutions are to filter the mac address on the router, so the wii (and other computers) never conflict. I will atleast make the wii statically set. Other solution is to get a router that actually does its job (IP conflictions should not happen... I hate this netgear I have).
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    yeah i have the same issue, but i cant seem to fix it. also the game doesnt fit the entire screen.

    nm fixed it, but still doesn fit sceen.
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    Oh man, I get this problem all the time and I hate it!
    Especially when I'm playing online. I'm in the middle of an intense battle with Lagi then all a sudden WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    But thanks to your post, now I know what caused it.

    // Roth
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    its easy enough to fix, just give the wii an IP in the router of - 250

    that will give your wii a stactic IP and the lease will not run out, as long as your wii doesnt have another IP say 202 or something your should be good to go