Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (MH3U): Zindea's Map Editor and "quest1" rewards

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    Good day,

    I've been playing with Zindea's MH3U map editor (the new one, "watch?v=vSX2VMeEtec"), and I've been trying to figure out some interesting "quirks" in the save file format.

    For example, when I want to modify the rewards for a quest, I'm presented with 3 options per reward box item:
    • Item name (self explanatory). String value.
    • Item quantity (again, self explanatory). Integer value on the range [0,99].
    • I'm assuming the last value is the probability of the quest award appearing. Integer value on the range [0, 255].
    I've noticed that a lot of quests that have a guaranteed single item drop (i.e. 1x "Crown of Glory" from the "Clashing Fists" brachy event quests) have a value like so:
    • Item: "Crown of Glory"
    • Quantity: 1
    • Probability: 0
    So, I figured a probability of '0' meant the item is guaranteed to be in the reward box. So, I modify the "Where Gods Fear to Tread" HR5 Alatreon quest so all the items are talismans, rare drops, etc.; with a quantity of 99 and a probability of 0. Sure enough, epic rewards (i.e. all the items were present in the reward box) when I completed the quest.

    However, if I made the same changes to the HR8 Alatreon quest, "The Second Coming", no items appear in the reward box at all. So, I modified the quest so that all the items had a probability value of '100', and this appears to give the items a 50% chance of appearing in the rewards box. OK, so I figured the probability value is an integer on the range [0,255] rather than [0,100], and enter a probability value of '255'. The items still have a 50% probability of appearing in the reward box, but if they do, they appear twice.

    To my major points:
    • Is anyone familiar with how these probability values work, as they seem to behave differently between quests.
    • Is there any documentation or tutorials for advanced map editing? I've seen some players create arena quests with 5 different monsters at once, which is fun/hilarious.
    • Are there any fellow MH3U modders that'd care to share hints/knowledge, or their "quest1" files?
    Thank you for your time and help.