Monster Hunter 3 on Wiikey/Softmod.

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Schlupi, Aug 12, 2009.

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    Ok, so I'm trying to play Monster Hunter 3 backup copy.

    I get the black screen after the warning screen that comes up.

    I tried the English patched version and a clean version of the ISO and I got the same thing on the Wiikey installed Wii.

    I was also wondering about a softmodded wii I have...

    I have the cIOS55 bugfix installed w/ cIOSCorp 1.01 and I have NeoGamma R4 if necessary... Will it work properly on that Wii? I heard from here that that should allow it to work, but some people were having problems still.

    Also, I refuse to use Softchip. Thanks.
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    Whats so bad about Softchip just load it from from the homebrew channel and it could be a bad iso or burning error
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    See here a video tutorial... Everything you need to run MH3 DVD.
    Youtube video
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    Aug 30, 2009
    I got it running off DVD but i had loads of trouble at first, I have a softmodded PAL 3.2 wii.
    neogamma r7 (rev14) and gecko wouldn't run the dvd so after poking around forums on the net I found the solution!

    Install 'softchip r99' ( its a backup luncher which lets you choose which ios to run a game with)
    make sure u have ios55 AND bugfix55 (IMPORTANT: the game doesnt work without the fix)

    Now the game works fine!

    I also used wiiFri to convert the MH3 iso image from ntsc_j to pal and left the other settings as default.
    my softchip setting are :
    ISO 55
    Game's Language: auto
    Patch Country Strings: Enabled
    Video Mode: Disk region Default
    Autoboot: Disabled
    Silent: Disabled
    Logging: Disabled
    Remove 002 Protection: Enabled
    Fake IOS Version: Disabled:
    Load Requested IOS: Enabled

    I hope this help some people, but if I was you I'd wait till the English language version comes out otherwise its difficult to follow the story and understand game quests/hints ect... even with the newer semi-English version (which I'm using!).

    oh....and I can change my characters name:P