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    Jan 29, 2008
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    ModMii, the all-purpose Windows application for your Wii made by GBAtemp member [m]Xflak[/m], has been updated to version 5.5.1. See what's new in the change log below, and be sure to check out the on-going discussion for the download and instructions about how to use the wide variety of functions this Wii utility has to offer.

    • 5.5.1
    • Fixed bug where ModMii would crash when using the ModMii Wizard if downloading WiiFlow.
    • Fixed bug where you could not go return to the page prior to inputting your serial number when building an emulated nand for uneek2o or uneek2o+di (bug did not effect Abstinence Wizard).
    • Reverted WiiFlow on ModMii's Download Page 2 back to r304 at FIX94's request. When his mod if WiiFlow is more stable it will be added back to ModMii as an autoupdating download.

    • Abstinence Wizard added to ModMii's main menu. You can use this Wizard to prepare the necessary files to load NEEK on any Wii even if it has not been modified. In short, to avoid voiding your warranty (or for other reasons) if you choose to abstain from softmodding your Wii, you can still play your games off a USB HDD by using the Abstinence Wizard. The recent release of giantpune's 'Casper' (available on ModMii's Download Page 2) is what made this wizard possible. Thanks giantpune!
    • Updated WiiFlow on ModMii's Download Page 2. It is now an autoupdating download that will grab the most recent release of FIX94's feature rich and very stable and Mod of WiiFlow.
    • Other minor changes.

    [​IMG] On-Going Discussion

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