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    Jan 29, 2008
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    [m]Xflak[/m] has updated ModMii, the all-purpose Windows application for your Wii, to version 5.2.1. See the spoiler below for the change log, and be sure to check out the on-going discussion for the download and instructions about how to use the wide variety of functions this Wii utility has to offer.

    • 5.2.0
    • Added a DML rev selector and updated DML build process to support DML rev12+.
      DML was also moved from Download Page 1 to Download Page 4.
      I want to extend a big thank you to crediar for continuing to work on DML
      and addressing the issues that DML was facing when running from bootmii IOS.
      Your solution to install DML on the real NAND to slot 257 solved a lot of
      problems and the scene thanks you. I also want to recognize WiiPower who
      has become increasingly involved in the DML project.
    • Added an option to build DML with debug\logging mode enabled.
    • Updated NeoGamma on ModMii's Download Page 2 from R9 beta50 to R9 beta56.
      This version of NeoGamma is able to use DML to play gamecube game backups
      from an SD Card without requiring NEEK or an emulated NAND.
    • Added support to build d2x cIOSs with base IOS60, IOS70 and IOS80.
    • ModMii's SD\USB Forwarder creator was updated from v11b to v11c.
      ModMii's other forwarder channels were also updated to v11c.
    • neek2o rev70+ now uses SNEEKInstallerv0.7a instead of SNEEKInstallerv0.6c.
    • Now when PC programs are downloaded with local save settings (or possibly Auto)
      they will be saved to a Program Files folder wherever ModMii is saved instead
      of always being saved to C:\ModMii\Program Files.
    • Other minor changes.

    • Fixed bug where DML was not downloaded when building an emulated NAND.

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